December 11, 2008

Triflin' Ho...Ho, Ho!

I think nothing speaks to the holidays more than a trifle. Not a typical offering at past family gatherings but one that would likely become a tradition for me in the future. It's so festive and a refreshing alternative to pumpkin pie. (Yes...pumpkin pie is great but, hello, we just had it weeks ago!) And, frankly, ditch the turkey repeat as well! A perfect holiday meal for me would honestly consist of loads of latkes, a little caviar, some champagne, or a martini (or four), and trifle to finish it all off! Basically, some blatant bastardization of "Christmakkah". Yeah, you might wake up in the morning to see me passed out on the floor of the living room (Don't worry...the lampshade is fine. Your feather boa...not so much.). But look past the latke crumbs around my mouth and you would likely see a VERY satisfied smile.

Potato Latkes Photo by Roland Bello.

Black-Tie Martinis Photo by Romulo Yanes.


  1. You've just been given an "I Love Your Blog" Award!

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    Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration!

  2. fancy schnapsy uncle beefy!!!love martinis :D

  3. oooh- those latkes look incredible! you are always making me hungry on this blog!

  4. Oh the infamous trifle. Our family christmas ALWAYS includes a trifle, grandma's specialty. I must admit, I don't like them but they always look fantastic, brilliant colour and all that cream. Maybe this year I'll have to have some x

  5. MMMMmmmmm.....potato pancakes and sour cream like Grandma used to make! (She also made tripe and the like.....that I try to forget).

  6. I second you on the latkes - and the ones in that photo look especially delicious!

  7. oh darling, i want to live inside of that trifle. looks so cozy.


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