December 16, 2008

Rush, Rush

We're all rushing around madly anymore aren't we? Not just because of the holidays at hand but because of the misguided notion that multi-tasking is "the way". (Not!) But it's hard to escape the push. That's probably why spas have done so well in the last several years with our developing neeeeeeeeeeed to stop, relax, decompress. I'm not one to begrudge a facial, mind you, but, Kids, even that requires appointments! But a lovely cup of tea with accompanying cookie can do just as well in my book.

Enter Sondra of Botanical Bakery out of Napa. Specializing in tea cookies (Imagine! Someone trying to do one thing really well?!) that are simple but with imaginative flavor combinations (like Cinnamon Basil or Lemon Thyme (for 2009)). Small little sweet biscuits waiting to help take you away for a moment as you seriously savour some down-time. Sipping tea and snacking on a tea cookie all while trying to relax? Now that is multi-tasking I can get behind.

All photos courtesy of Jack C. Borlongan of Prime Images Photography

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