December 18, 2008

Oh Deer!

You may have seen Erin Godbey's almost-as-adorable-as-me ;) placecard over on design*sponge. I was smitten with Erin's sweetly nostalgic take (and wouldn't you love to see this waiting for you at the table?!) on this party planning detail. Well, Ms. Thang (holla!)...I mean, Erin, is now up as a finalist on Hostess With The Mostess "Inspire Me" Holiday Entertaining Contest. It's worthy of my vote! And if you wanna throw some holiday props her way you'll most certainly get onto our "Nice" lists. Or the "Naughty"? Honestly, whichever list you want. Just help the lady win, people! ;)

ps - I get nothing more from this than the heartwarming that comes from your never-ending kindness, readership, adoration, and obedience. Especially the "obedience" part! the "adoration" part? I don't know! But it's really all just about spreading holiday happiness! That sounds good, right? ;)


  1. Thanks so much for the plug, Uncle! You're the best!

    Annie and I are sending some very small Christmas tidings your way, I hope they arrive before Christmas!


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