December 12, 2008

Good Friday morning, Kids! Well, I tried to pull a little somethin' somethin' together for ya's this morning but Have a loooong day at work today and got to get moving. They say we're supposed to have some type of winter storm this weekend with snowfall later today. I'll believe it when I see it but we are rarely prepared to deal with it out here so I am taking some precautions and walking to work. (I HATE driving in snow!) I'll whip up some postings over the weekend for you patient ones (assuming we don't lose power - happens a lot in these here parts). For you impatient ones...those links over to the right should keep you plenty occupied!

Have a lovely weekend, Kids. See ya' on the flip side!

Oh...and the ornaments above are from Anthropologie's ill-functioning website.


  1. Hi Uncle Beefy...
    We're gonna get the same storm in San Francisco, with possible snow on Mt. Tam in Marin. Thanks for all of the witty and lovely comments on my blog! Have a cozy weekend!

  2. catching up on your, i'm now in the holiday spirit!

    all your posts make me happy...and, oddly, hungry.


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