December 17, 2008

French Baby Monkeys

Today...Joslyn decided to take full advantage of my Francophile heart. It is now broken into tiny bits of French Macarons and love. Sigh.


  1. O....M.....G.....that child is so incredibly precious! what imagination and those eyes and those eyelashes... oh goodness...

    i've never really had a desire to learn french until now. i cant' stop watching.

  2. i had to go check out any other videos they might have and found a really sweet note on the page for this one:

    this vid has been going round lots on the intertube and so they decided to do something good with all the traffic and have set up a project to help raise money for Edurelief.

    I urge you to go check it out... good stuff!!

  3. OMG ... that is adorable. I have videos of my niece telling a story similar to that in English but something about it being in French makes me love it even more than the one I have :D

  4. I



    I love her. Simple as that. I need her in my life!

  5. ahhh! every time she says crocodile i want to eat her up! just another reason i need babies. but only french ones. they're the cutest.

  6. mon Dieu!!!! See French is so easy even little kids can speak it !!! What a treat - Thanks for sharing - I used to work full time with children and I dont get to enjoy the fill tilt story like I used to - Joyeux Noel- mon ami!


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