December 10, 2008

Fleas Navidad

Holiday salutations from my ole art school pal Miss J! She's bustin' out with her new Etsy shop, Pixel & Post (also with accompanying blog), and servin' up some yuletide silliness for all those animal lovers out there with these packs of customizable cards. You can even have the cards printed with a custom message up to 150 words at no additional charge. Don't be catty, dawg...bust out some furry fun to your family and friends. You know you're itchin' to.


  1. Awwww, THANK YOU Uncle B for the sweet mention on your blog! You are too much! Thank you! xoxo J

  2. Love the dog card, very cool.
    Have to start thinking about this years holiday card...what to make?

  3. Yeah! I love me some cheeky puns! And the graphics are so good! I would watch a cartoon with these characters!


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