December 22, 2008

Easy now.

Image found at this daily read.

Good Monday morning, Kids. Your Uncle is going to take the day off today. Not from work, I still gotta get through the snow to that, but from blogging. I need an easy-up morning today. See ya's tomorrow!


  1. Fine then. FINE.


    I like the photo, Uncle B.

    BUT FINE! FINE! I'll hang out by myself. Jerk. FINE!!!

  2. Hi Mr. Beefy...
    Enjoy your morning and have a great holiday too!
    I love the twinkling lights photo!

  3. Happy X-mas! You're so lucky its snowing! But I think it will snow in NM too - I'm heading home there today! Best wishes for the new year!

  4. have been away toooooo long. think i've scrolled through and drooled over all that i've missed.

    have a lovely holiday, mister. and thank you for all the cheery and kind gifts you give us all.

    as always, i'm a fan of you.

  5. So pretty...have a wonderful day off and a very happy holiday!


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