December 16, 2008

Drawing A Blank

Hope by Lorena Vigil-Escalera Guirado

Jenn touched base with me recently to let me know about the relatively new Wall Blank. Launched in October, they put a new limited edition print (sometimes photo, sometimes screenprint, sometimes something else) up every weekday and they're only available for one week (and the price points are crazy affordable!). On Fridays, the artist donates their work and 100% of the proceeds from their print go to a non-profit cause of their choice. That's not a typo people...100%! Original art, supporting artists & small business, AND charitable to boot? Now that's not something you're gonna draw a blank on anytime soon.

Long Story by Sebastián Cudicio & Blessed by Shelby Janes

Whitebarn by Dale Nigel Goble


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