December 18, 2008

Butter Me Up!

Chiiiiiild! I will tell you what...on a cold, snowy day that would be one mighty fine taste treat to enjoy! Oo-wee! It can't be all hearty healthy all the time! And the boys behind Pine State Biscuits (all biscuits, all the time!!!) are being serious sirens after perusing their menu. Not to mention the fact that it's in yet ANOTHER reason to love that damn town! I'm okay with that. ;)

ps - Boys of Pine State're brilliant!

Photography by David Lanthan Reamer


  1. and its official, not only cupcakes post makes me drool!!!

  2. Those look so good! I found some really good frozen biscuits (hush now!) at Trader Joes, I couldn't quite believe, Buttermilk shortbread, their passable for homemade, really!


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