December 11, 2008

Back off, Santa...they're mine!

Everyone is always givin' props to Santa and layin' out plates of cookies to entice the man. But hey, we're all workin' hard over the holidays so shouldn't we get some cookies for all of our efforts?

I sent out boxed cookie sets from Teacake Bake Shop a couple of years ago to rave reviews. The packaging was exquisite (saw it, loved it) and the cookies were said to be extremely tasty. It even has some of the recipients of these treats sending them out as gifts this year. So it's the gift that keeps on givin'! ain't only Santa that can appreciate a fine biscuit, Kids. But if you still need to put some yuletide offering out, order a second box. That way you'll have plenty to stuff your face, while Santa's busy stuffing your stocking! (Behave! C'mon now,'s Christmas!)


  1. those cookies look delish! and who can turn down cookies?!!! great gift.

  2. arent you hilarious uncle beefy!!! scrumptious much? ;)


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