November 10, 2008

Working, waiting.

Image by Arthur Belebeau

Hi Kids. I am working on a post at the moment. It is a long post that I will have for you either later today or possibly tomorrow. I will thank you for your patience at the moment. And, thanks to all of you for your immensely kind and supportive words on the previous post. All of your messages touched me deeply and I thank you for your generosity of spirit.

I will return. Thanks for waiting.


  1. There is something about these two images that I absolutely love. Like being the first person at a concert. Or the scene where the janitor is in the stadium before the games in Rudy. Love!

    You take your time, Beef. I'll be waiting patiently;) Paco, not so much. But I'll be patient.

  2. I have a request though. Can we PLEASE see Beefy in middle school with shaved sideburns?!?!


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