November 06, 2008

Who gives a sheet?

I love wallpaper. Well, I love the idea of wallpaper. While it can be a confident aesthetic move, it can be a costly one too. And after the at-the-time-stylish musings of my parents' home with the powder room bathed (if you will) in a riotous cacophony of multiple metallic patterns...let's just say I have some trepidation with commitment in this department. However, Kids, Grow House Grow has made the wallpaper world a little easier to cope with by offering single 27" wide x 36" long sheets of their handmade wares at $33 a sheet (until the end of November)! Framed, lining the back of a bookshelf or a happy lil' cupboard...this could be a much less sticky situation to take on! At least it'll keep your kids criticisms in check in the years to come.


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