November 04, 2008

Nice basket.

Lovely red enamel picnic set from here.

Okay, it's a bit challenging for me to put posts together today. I'm feeling sort of distracted by this little election-thingy. And what I have found myself gravitating toward are images that seem to speak to "escaping" in some fashion. No, not in that "Welcome to Canada!" sort of way, but in that toes-in-the-sand sort of way. At least at the moment.


  1. amen brother - I'm draping like a maniac over here, putting my head into work and avoiding election coverage - just going to my facebook and realizing that 50% of my "friends" are idiots, makes me crazy sad

    anyway, I figure I need to buy a good bottle of alcohol. Either I will be seriously celebrating or drunkenly packing for Canada ;-)

  2. OMG, I was so distracted I couldn't blog all week!


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