November 05, 2008

Morning Musings

I feel speechless today. It is difficult to simply move past the momentous moment that was last night. Yes, I am most pleased. I know some are not. But I credit John McCain for making a most gracious speech last night. Well done. And I am glad that the results are such that it needn't be a long and drawn out election...for all of us.

These images suit me well at this moment. Soft, restful, contemplative and a reminder that I will have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. (One of them being that I do not live in Arkansas! - Yes, this type of comment is a departure for me here at the Bedlam but one that is sadly and justly warranted. Arkansas...shame on you.)

Here's to hope, Kids.

All these lovely images by photographer Anna Williams.


  1. *sigh* Today I feel giddy and strange, but very, very good. And somehow, the election of Obama, which just a few months ago I considered highly, highly unlikely...well, I now have hope that other unlikely things may come to pass. Like me finding love. And the end to world hunger in my lifetime.

    If it wasn't for Prop 8 passing, I think this would be a perfect day.

    Love the images you posted. It's the post(and general feeling) I was not collected enough to write today. Thank-you!

  2. ditto to what tay said. there were many victories to celebrate which shows the tide is turning (however slowly with some cases being two steps forward, one step back)... but our newly elected President represents what i feel is a huge change upon us, a huge step forward...where compassion and hope are the foundation of all that we do.

    the images in this post make me feel so very warm and cozy! thanks for sharing!

  3. Uncle
    What a brilliant result !
    I am so pleased for all of you who voted for him (I would've too) I really hope he can make it happen.
    We (over the pond) will be watching with interest.
    There are cynics of course, but we always get those.

  4. I'm just so tired today from being all crazy excited last night and not being able to fall asleep. Being surrounded by hundreds of kindred spirits and knowing the world is also rejoicing with you is a heady feeling indeed. But I'm happy to be so tired. It reminds me of how wonderful it is that we have turned a huge corner.

    The John McCain we saw last night reminded me of the one I thought I knew back in 2000 and as a very regular and welcome visitor on the Daily Show. I'm glad he left this election on a note of grace and dignity.

  5. I've heard so many people say that the John McCain of last night is the one the knew before the election - a different guy.

    But what a day!

    In other news, I want yellow leaves like that outside my window.

  6. what a feeling, and you have portrayed it beautifully uncle beefy, we are calming down now :)

  7. with this new administration coming to lead us, there has been a tide change, one that may lead to washing away some of the lingering prejudices that still remain in places like Alabama and California. We're not all the way there, but we're getting closer and each year is a step toward more open minds.

  8. The photos are beautiful and golden for this time of year.

    Have a golden day!

  9. Yes, the McCain speech was just perfect. Exactly what we needed start bringing the country back together.

    Lovely images . . . Pretty in love with the blue wallpaper.

  10. it does feel beautiful doesn't it?! i'm proud, reflective & energized to continue the fight for a better place to call home for myself & others.

    perfect pics.


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