November 03, 2008

Eeny, meeny, minaPOE.

Yes...I love fashion, I love Paris. I think that is pretty much a given at this point. Even if I am highlighting things I couldn't afford to buy (or, as in this case, have no need to buy!) or places I may not be able to afford to go at the moment, I'm always willing to accept the priceless gift of creative inspiration. Thus, Kids...minaPOE.

(Okay...shut down with the phenomenal green boots!)


  1. Thanks Beefy boy - great inspiration on this Monday morning! See, if I had crazy disposable income, I too would have trouble fitting in a closet ;-)

  2. wow...i love these! a very good week to you uncle beefy :)

  3. um, hello fabulousness - where have you been all my life!


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