November 17, 2008

Beefy...Uncle Beefy

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Despite what critics have said...saw it, loved it. And, dare I say, I think Mr. Craig may well be my favorite Bond ever. Seems as though the ultimate showdown is between Mr. Connery and Mr. Craig. I'll take the stealth and gritty Daniel Craig. And you?

(But Kendall and I vote the new theme song "Another Way To Die" worst James bond theme ever! Ugh!)


  1. yesyesyes. i grew up with roger moore and loved him and the campiness of the movies. then, was introduced to sean connery. loved him, too. totally ambivalent about the other two. then along comes daniel craig.
    ah, james bond.

  2. i agree - i heart jack white but that opening song was arful :(

  3. I have to go with Connery. But Craig is VERY good. Certainly #2 and I liked Brosnan a lot.

    Hope to see it this weekend.


  4. oooooh!! i am SO excited to see. couldn't find anyone to go with me this past weekend, almost went by myself but chickened out due to the crowds. i think i must go this week for sure! Daniel Craig IS definitely my fave bond... he's fantastic!

  5. agreed, "another way to die" = worst collab/bond song everrrr. their music video is even worse. don't get me wrong, they're great separately, but.....

  6. i just watched one of the Roger Moore 007's yesterday. The opening was with women's silhouettes swimming across the screen. It completely took me back and i couldn't help but think that after the 70's Bond lost something. I don't think anyone will beat Sean Connery. I've been a sucker for hairy chests since i was old enough to see! But can't wait to see it.

  7. Haha CUTE .
    My guy is dying to see this film..such a BIG fan!

    Jen Ramos
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  8. Oooh! I like Brosnan the best. But I may be bias since I love an Irish man playing a Brit spy ;)

  9. oh, honey...i am so, so hot for daniel craig. it hurts.

  10. Seeing it this weekend and CAN'T wait!!

  11. monkey...I actually haven't seen any Pierce Brosnan Bond flicks! And Timothy Dalton...well, I think we all know where that stands.

    breezy...I hear ya'! I couldn't make sense of that "musical" mess!

    m.lane...Well, I couldn't deny you Mr. Connery now could I? He was brilliant. You'll have to let me know how you like Quantum.

    carrie...couldn't find anyone to go with you?!! Oh for heaven's sake! Let me know what you thought when you get to see it!

    debo...I couldn't even get through the video! Oy vey!

    project xyq/brian...hey, I hear ya'. Loved the old openings. But, I think Bond is back with Craig. It's a different approach but I really like it.

    jen...hope he likes it! And you too, of course. :)

    jane...I still have yet to see one of Brosnan's appearances. I KNOW! But Dalton just put me off of Bond for a while. Not fair to Mr. Brosnan I suppose as I've always heard good, or mostly good, things.


    please sir...hope you have fun at it! Hopefully, lesser crowds?

  12. i'm with you on that; caught it sunday night at cinerama (best place to see an action movie). craig is my lover & def my favorite bond.

    one complaint: i want to know where the walking-out-of-the-water-no-shirt-speedo scene was.

  13. I noticed comcast currently has most/all of the Bond movies available on demand. I'm thinking next week's Thanksgiving break will be the perfect time to catch up with a Bond marathon. Looking forward to catching the new one as well.

  14. LOL, love the title uncle beefy!!!

  15. All the way with Craig I say!! - I prefer the older connery (post bond days) - to his bond days. x

  16. We haven't seen it yet, but I'm with you. As much as I have always loved Sean Connery, I think Daniel Craig is seriously ... awesome for the role.

  17. i cannot WAIT to see it! ps - i'd say connery except for the fact that i once dated an (older) man who bore a striking resemblance to mr. craig. yummy. i wonder if i still have his number.......


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