October 08, 2008

Yes or No?

Kenley ~ from the worst season of Project Runway yet.


  1. NO! A thousand times no!

  2. i can't even watch. can't - even - watch.

  3. No No and also No. Although this seasons designers haven't been nearly as amazing as last year's, she is the most unamazing of them all. The 50's are over, dear. And she can't mix fabrics! I don't care what the judges say. Her fabric mixes are something out of my bad dreams.

  4. NO! In the immortal words of one of my favorite lyrics.."I used to love her but I had to kill her"..

    I cannot stand that voice one single day longer!!!

    BTW, I love your blog!


  5. I say yes, but only because she made my favorite dress of the season. The end.

  6. No....I have this little thing about wanting success for NICE people.

  7. I did love that wedding dress she made, I'll be honest.

  8. hautenature...can't imagine what you thought when she displayed her rope around the neck look! ;)

    barchbo...are you sure you didn't mean a "million" time no? ;0

    dottie...but you must! Look deeply into the screen...you must obey...accept Kenley before she destroys you! Mwah-ah-ah-ah!!!

    kelly...well we're gonna have to tolerate seeing a whole lotta 50's in the finale! :(

    m.lane...HA!HA! I hear ya' on the voice/whine! Thanks for the compliment on the blog! Been meaning to pop over to your's for a read and will...sometime! :) Like a chicken...blah, blah, blah...y'know?

    maria...which dress? Hmm?

    laura...feel free to be direct and succinct in your comments. No need to sugar coat or over-embellish ...Kenley can take it! ;) (Loved it! Just, "no". Great!)

    tangobaby...well I'm glad you got your 2¢ in before falling off that precipice! ;) (Y'know, with the -oooooooo! Okay, lame humor. It's late.)


    bee...I KNOW! Dammit! But it was a show-stopper for sure. Sadly. But what can we do? I'm thinking her patterns and rope will be the final undoing. We'll see?

    Thanks for coming forward and speakin' your mind, Kids!

  9. Im going to say Yes.
    I kinda like her.Think she is very talented and can make some really cool dresses.
    Yes they all look more or less alike, but she has a style and stay with it.
    Think the other designers are really boring.

    But you know....I really don't care who wins this season. They are all (in the words of miss Germany) BLAH.
    Miss Laura.

  10. Its so bad I stopped watching weeks ago! I'm rooting for the chick from Portland - that's not her, is it?

  11. this PAINS me, uncle beefy, because she's one of my least favorite PR contestants ever, and i didn't like most of the pieces she made all season, BUT, her wedding dress was to die for (even though it was a rip off of mcqueen's) and when i peeked at her final collection (sin, i know), there is one dress that i would kill for. but, on moral grounds, my answer is NO.

  12. No... But I have to admit that I do like her style and the feather bands that she wears. Although, now that I think about it, she might have killed all those poor birds herself...

  13. NO. She should get her little plagiaristic ass back to her tug boat and make way for the fab Miz Jerrell, even if his designs look like an explosion in VV Rouleaux.

    And it may have been the Worst. Season. Ever but I do think Leanne is seriously, seriously talented.


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