October 03, 2008

Trumpet the Crumpet!

If blogging has taught me anything it's the illuminating fact that somewhere deep down inside the recesses of my being resides a eccentrically chipper English-style dandy. I'm not certain how long he's been lingering around in there but I'm getting to like him more and more. One day, I may even invite him to tea (If by "tea" I mean "vodka" at any rate!).

Should tea suffice, I will be whisking him off to the newly donned Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco! Established by Amy & Christopher Dean this place looks most intriguing. When asked to describe the ‘feel’ of Crown & Crumpet, Christopher and Amy liken it to “Cath Kidston, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood opening a tearoom together.” Um...HELLO! SOLD! Oh yes, Mr. & Mrs. Dean...I am absolutely buying what you're selling!

Crown & Crumpet will offer a range of food service that starts with a breakfast selection and moves on to light lunch and afternoon tea service. After 6:00pm when tea is finished, they will move on to an “aperitif” bar. Primarily serving a selection of English ports, madeira, sherries and champagnes along with a small selection of hors d’oeuvres, and Venetian “tramezzini” sandwiches. (Okay, I could be persuaded to switch out the "vodka" for "champagne". I mean who wouldn't enjoy bubbles in a space like this?!!)

This will most certainly be a top spot on my next return to the Bay Area! And while it may appear a tad feminine in aesthetic, your Uncle could just switch out to a pink top hat instead! That'll be the ticket! Pip, pip, cheerio!


  1. Thank you. I now have one more thing to add on to my long list of reasons I want to move to San Fransisco!

  2. I have already bookmarked this as my kitchen inspiration! But honestly, Beef, I'm a little sad that your dream doesn't include whisking ME away. What am I, chopped suey? OH, I JEST! I JEST! But, I've missed you, Beefymcbeeferson. Whatcha been up to? Can we have a tea (read: vodka) date soon? Mwah!

  3. This is my first time to your blog and I gotta say I'm loving it!

  4. mrs. r...thank YOU for stopping by! And I am right there with ya'!

    bee...Really? Not whisking you away with me for tea at the Crumpet? I guess...but won't it look weird? Just the two of us sitting there, hot pots of tea, keeping company with our hand mirrors, and our self-admiration? Maybe we'll ask for a table for four! ;) I'm trying to settle into my new job at the moment and this work thing has thrown my whole schedule off. Honestly! But I am around...really!

    carolina...delightful for you to have dropped in! It's pretty darn sweet isn't it?

    simply gluten-free...THANKS! Gald to have you here!

    jane...surely this would make a worthwhile visit from the big TO, yes? I can't wait to see this place in person sometime!

  5. I'm so there! It's right across the bay, and i could use a cucumber sandwich!


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