October 29, 2008

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine...

Photograph by Zach DeSart

Okay. We've had a really great Fall so far with lots of sunshine so I'm not complaining...really! But this scene from New York Magazine makes me yearn for Summer. Yes...already!


  1. this picture makes me dream of a fabulous dinner party :)

  2. shill...one, thanks for all your comments! Two, isn't this lovely looking? I can imagine it a bit hot & humid, but great music playing and a well stocked bar...of course! ;)

  3. ok this is SO lovely and somewhat similar to what i've imagined for my future vacation home in Sonoma. and actually since it's still in the 80's down there right now, you really could have this in fall!

    this image will certainly be bookmarked for my vacation house inspiration book!

    thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh God, you're in trouble if you are missing summer already!!!!! Me too. Miss you, uncle B.

  5. I just read this story the other day...so completely gorgeous. It's like I'm torturing myself with all the nice gardens in NYC. But, then again, I'll have a really BIG garden outside of NYC, right? And you'll come and help me plant peonies, right? And some olive and orange trees, RIGHT?!!

  6. Absolutely stunning. Ah would I love to be there right now! Happy Halloween!

    Love, Betsy.


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