October 25, 2008

Something Woodland This Way Comes

Yeah...so I'm doing a little Saturday post. Why not? Afterall, Halloween is coming up next week and this looked like some fun stuff to get the creative juices flowing...a vintage-inspired gathering in the woods from Country Living. Such a great mix of kid-like frivolity with the right amount of adult-desired sophistication. Could make for a good time by the looks of things!

I myself won't likely be doing too much this year (sadly) but I'll be passing candy out to the kiddies at work. We rarely see many if any trick-or-treaters at the house despite my glorious efforts of years past so this year will mark a sadly darkened door. The 12 lbs. of mini-Snickers from last year? My glucose levels and waistbands are still recovering!


  1. Ilove Ryan the photog! He is my good friends BFF. I have met him and he is amazing! I heart photogs!
    amazing party no?

  2. This is so neat! I am not that into Halloween but I do love haunted hayrides and the outdoor adventure part of it all. Maybe I'd be more into Halloween if I could think of good costume ideas. What are you going to be, Beef?

  3. a very inspiring post this one. lovely of you to share uncle beefy :)

  4. I remember a very special Haloween party at your place, Uncle B. Circa 1997-ish? I have photos.....

  5. you can feel the crispness in the air just looking at those photos. amazing party yes!


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