October 15, 2008

Sol Food

Eh, since I'm on a lil' food kick this morning I thought I'd just roll with this one. When we were down in Napa we decided to partake in lunch at Solage, a gorgeous resort and spa in Calistoga. The setting couldn't have been more lovely or more California. I felt cleaner and more refreshed just walking onto the property.

We started things outside on the patio on the comfy couches before all that California sunshine began to take its toll on certain members of our party so we retreated indoors to SolBar. The photo below doesn't do the place true justice, but the space was a perfect balance of comfort and cool.

And this, ultimately, was the whole reason for this post (though I'd also include with this selection the Sangria and the Green Tomato Salad!). I am an adventurous eater by nature and am willing to give most things a try. I read the entry for this on the dessert menu and was like, "Oh yeah, I gotta." So I proceeded to order the Thyme French Toast with Heirloom Tomato Marmalade and Corn Ice Cream (topped with warm maple syrup). Um...DELICIOUS! At least as far as I was concerned. The jury was a bit mixed in the overall reviews but I applauded the pastry chef for her ingenuity and daring while still delivering on dessert. Bravo!

If you ever get to Napa by all means toodle on over to Solage for a little lunch and a little cocktail. Maybe even a dip in the pool or a decadent night over? At any rate, if you happen to walk into SolBar and see a man passed out on the floor with a little corn ice cream melted near his head and a smile on his face...don't worry, it's just your Uncle...and I warned the management that this might happen. ;)


  1. Looks so relaxing.
    I love your pics over at bloesem!
    I know a great tip for getting the stains out of your great-grands lovely pitcher. Soak it in hydrogen peroxide. It's non toxic and wont damage the piece at all. Crazing will remain beautiful and those stains would be all gone!
    (Heavy staining may need to be soaked for a week or more)

  2. Wow that place looks amazing! I also loved your pictures on bloesem too!

  3. Hi Claire! It was relaxing and that was without getting a massage (lots of folks wandering about with their white robes on!). THANKS for the tip! That is GREAT to know! Though truthfully I kinda like the staining a bit. But I can be fickle...so this could come in handy yet!

    please sir...It was indeed delightful! Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks for the comments! :)


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