October 28, 2008

The Roadrunner Inn

Love the mod-vintage stylings of The Roadrunner Inn in Fredericksburg, Texas. For being the antiquing haven that I've heard it to be, this was a bit of a refreshing surprise. (And I think we all know I am a boy willing to get his mod as well as his vintage groove on!)

There are a few places in Texas that I'd like to see, including Fredericksburg, and I am guessing that there just may be one or more Texans that'd be willing to tag along? Hmmm? I'm thinking a little Michelada on my private balcony at The Roadrunner?

All images from The Roadrunner Inn website.


  1. Beefy - I'll go with you!

    I've homesick for Austin something fierce!!!!!!

  2. Really lovely place! I'd definitely feel cozy staying there.

  3. Love it! Where has everyone been finding these great paint by numbers looking portraits? All I ever find at my favorite thrifting and antiquing spots are wilted looking landscapes.

  4. bitter foodie...did you live in Austin? Seems like SUCH the great place and I'm dyin' to go!

    stash...you KNOW I'd be calling you!

    carrie...doesn't it look sweet and stylish? Kinda fun and funky but well put together.

    miss b...I think a lot of people are ebaying and craigslisting for the paint by numbers. They're some hot commodities these days!

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids!

  5. I MUST visit this place!! Fredericksburg is such a great place.


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