October 24, 2008


If I ever muster together my own business or decide to throw a play for the neighborhood I know where I'll be heading to for the acquisition of props...Obsolete. This shop located in Venice, California is bookmarked under "inspiration" for its vast array of vintage visual glories. My imagination spins when I peruse their pages! And they include "sold" pages just so one can be very much aware of what they've missed out on. Clever bastards! As I still find myself grimacing at bygone purchases and feeling the urge despite practically haggling the grocery clerk for a better price on bread these days! But a boy can dream...and dream big! That, Kids, is never Obsolete.


  1. Beefy! That bicycle! What an awesome store. I feel like I could decorate my entire house with these props and be one happy girl. Like magic!

    Promise we'll go someday?!

  2. LOVED this store. it was very similar to the place i worked in LA (Empiric). Their pieces are amaaaaazing, though. Museum style and quality.

    OK, Erin & I are going to take a look at our schedules and email you because we have GOT to get this drink thing on our calendars!

  3. AMMMAAAAAZZZINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I'm still catching my breath. You'd probably never get me out of that store if I ever visited.

  4. Bee...I hope so! Would love to go!

    coco+kelley...well then, I'm gonna have to check out "Empiric"!!! Lemme know what you and Miss Erin come up with and hopefully I can accommodate with my retail schedule!

    courtney...sorry that you didn't like this feature more. Hmm? Such little enthusiasm from you...? Strange. ;)
    Hope you and kitty are gettin' along well :)

  5. I really liked the write up on the home page. I happened to click on the events because I don't think it is torture enough to know what products you missed out on, but I also want to know what events I won't be attending.

  6. Wow! I want all that stuff. Thank god I don't have space or you'd be inflicting massive injuries on me with all this temptation. Beefy, you big siren!

  7. great-looking stuff!!! i'm wanting that shaving mirror stand with turned base...it's brilliant.

    thank you for the intro! cheers.

  8. jae...we're in good company in the self-inflicted-torture department! ;)

    claire...that's the first thing I saw today and was floored! Gorgeous aren't they? Perfect for a tiny bar.

    jane...siren? Me? Now what makes you think I'd lead people to their inevitable destruction? Mwah-ah-ah-ah! ;)

    paul...always nice when you pop by! Isn't it all just a bit too fantastic?! I'd take almost the entire lot!

    Have a GREAT weekend, Kids!


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