October 23, 2008

Marcela Restrepo

Just a few samplings of the incredible work of Marcela Restrepo, a Columbian illustrator living in Sydney, Australia and represented by the Jacky Winter Group. She has a wonderful printmaking style to her work that really appeals to me, of course, and I love her color palette. She recently started an online shop and is offering a 10% discount until the 30th of October...just enter the code "open7". And, I'm guessing that getting a package in the post from Ms. Restrepo would certainly make for a "g'day"! (What? You really thought I could just walk away from this post without getting that in there?! Really?)


  1. Could that yellow parakeet print be any sweeter?!

  2. charming! the food looks yummy too :) fabulous weekend to you uncle beefy!

  3. maryam...that's the one that got me. Such sweet and lovely things she's done.

    seesaw...thanks for stoppin' by!

    shill...and a fabulous weekend to you as well, m'dear!

    Thanks, All, for your comments! :)

  4. Thanks so much for the post Uncle Beefy!
    And thanks Maryam, seesaw desings and Shill for your comments! I am glad you liked the drawings...:)

  5. How is it that I've enjoyed so many of the comments you've posted on other blogs...and drooled over your fabulous guest posts, but have never ventured over to check out your own amazing and gorgeous blog???

    I la la love it...consider me a new regular around these parts. :)


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