October 16, 2008

Makin' Whoopie

Whoopie pie pic from Wicked Whoopies. I always crave these in the Fall. Why? I have no idea. But that looks SO tasty right now!

I know...stupid title. (Makes me think of that awful Newlywed Game.) But cut me some slack as my head still hurts. I know (again)...you are probably thinking that it's from a hangover. AH! But that's where you'd be wrong! No, Kids, yesterday your Uncle experienced the great pleasure of walking the dog and having a bee/wasp (whatever) fly into my apparently impassable cranium and sting me...on the head! What the hell?!! I had a few choice expletives and the neighbors probably thought I had Tourette Syndrome (and then they likely thought..."Ah! That explains it!"). But my head continues to throb if ever so slightly this morning and still serves as a distraction. So forgive me.

You know...that's it, I guess. Whoopie Pies and bee stings. I guess I'll just sit back and wait for the publishing deals to come rolling in. I wonder who should play me in the movie version? Sean Penn might be good if they play up the dramatic tones of the story or maybe Phyllis Diller for the comic relief? Oh my...I have lots of important decisions to make. Better start practicing my autograph signature.

(Stamp!) This hereby certifies my insanity. Hmm...I wonder how many readers I just lost?


  1. Beefy, you didn't lose me! You're hilarious. Thanks for the humor thrown into your beautiful thoughts on art and design. You always keep me laughing!


  2. Aw, Kelly...thanks! Instead of being a graphic designer you should be a nurse! I'll even see if I can't hook you up in my wing of the institution! You can give me my meds and when I'm not incessantly rocking we can just have some tea and laugh and laugh! ;)

  3. that whoopie pie looks delish!

    Sorry about the head, aren't those stings terribly itchy? They are for me anyhow. One on my head might drive me completely batty.

    Advice- never plug up a yellow jacket nest with a rock and then come back after they've worked themselves into a frenzy and remove said rock. You and the rest of the closely gathered neighborhood kids and dogs will pay, but mostly the innocent dogs. The yellow jackets will get stuck in their fur and sting, sting, sting, repeatedly.

  4. you amuse me uncle beefy :) i am hooked!

  5. I think you'd have to do a lot worse to get rid of us. Besides, I totally want to eat that pie. I don't care what it's called.

  6. I LOVE whoopie pies!! (Or as they are called in Pennsylvania, "Gobs"!)


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