October 16, 2008

Make it work!

Are you serious? (And it talks?!!) Oh good lord...I may end up having to have one. McDonald's should put these in Happy Meals! What? You wouldn't be happy if you found one of these in that box? Well, you'd probably think twice about eating that cheeseburger now wouldn't you?!

So who do you think should have won last night? Seems like there are some close but mixed feelings out there. Hmm?


  1. I thought she had a beautiful collection. It was unique and it spoke as to who she is as a designer. It will be interesting to see what she does now.

  2. oh no. oh NOOOOO. i must must must have one. nothing makes me happier than hearing tim gunn's voice telling me to 'carry on!'

    adding to the birthday wishlist immediately!

  3. VERY happy with the result...

    And I got my Tim Gunn bobblehead a month ago. You are SOOOOOOO behind the zeitgeist. :) http://mirrormirror.typepad.com/mirror_mirror/2008/09/make-it-work.html

  4. i totally agree with the results. leanne's collection was breathtaking, although i think throwing some color in there would have been awesome. korto's collection was super cool -- i'm glad she was runner up. i'm relieved miss bitchery came in third. i have to admit, though, i loved, loved, loved that cream colored painted dress. stunning.

  5. You have been PROLIFIC lately Beefy! I loved Leanne's collection too but honestly thought they were all great.

    I MUST have the nodder!



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