October 23, 2008

Letter Love

I'm a font-o-phile and I'm not afraid to admit that publicly. I have nothing to be ashamed of for my love of all things of a lettering nature. And, fortunately, Emily of Orange Beautiful clearly feels the same way! Her glorious 2009 calendars (Can you believe we're in calendar season already?!!) are all that a font-o-phile would hope for with each month displayed in numerously varied font styles. And she ingeniously made the actual calendar portion detachable so that each month becomes an art print to share with someone special. Okay...or frame your own month 'cause we all know it's all about you! ;)

Click to enlarge and bask in the glory of your month's styling!


  1. This is now my third and final attempt to comment. Blogger is throwing up all over itself and will not let me comment. ANYWAY...I love this concept. And I wanted to know what you're going to do with your months, once they've passed?

    There, I said it. Now go ahead and delete my words again, damn blogging wench.


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