October 28, 2008

Post Haste

Good morning, Kids! A cool and overcast NW morning today thankfully made richer and warmer with the colorful leaves. Decided to treat myself to a breakfast of something more than coffee and whipped up some waffles for a cozy morning-time meal. And surely you know that this was something involving more than a toaster? Yes, your Uncle makes them from scratch! Such a nice little self-imposed treat. (No...no photos because I needed to eat them waffles hot and had no time for styling! And I can assure you, the "after" shot of bits of syrup dripped down the front of my shirt didn't seem like such stylish fodder! Eew!)

I also wanted to let you know that I will be working up some "guest blogger" posts for sfgirlbybay over the next couple of days. I'll see if I can't give y'all a lil' somethin' of your own over here but can't make any promises at the moment as you probably know how your Uncle tends to fly by the seat of his pants! (And I am entrusting you all to leave that comment right where I put it!) So if I don't appear to be around tomorrow...you'll know where to find me. Happy Tuesday!


  1. sounds delish!!! will definetely check you out uncle beefy :)

  2. How awesome is that?? I will totally be visiting my Uncle at SFGirlByBay!!

  3. This pic makes me want to daydream all day. Screw work and all the things I need to get done...I want to sit and daydream. Thank you for melting away the walls of my cubicle with your beautiful picture. Be well!

  4. shill...will look forward to "seeing" you there! :)

    melissa...it's like 6 degrees of separation, huh? Okay...almost. ;)

    ashley...thanks for the compliment on the pic! Hope I can provide you with more daydream fodder. But I cannot be held responsible for any drop in work productivity levels! ;)

  5. OMG!


    Beefy! How am I just now finding this out!?! We're fighting.

    No no no, just kidding! I'm going over to stalk your cute butt now:) So exciting!


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