October 03, 2008

Going Duch...ess.

You all are well aware that your Uncle finds great inspiration in fashion. And true Couture (a dreadfully over-used word today!) sends me over the edge! I know people love to say, "But who would wear that?" or "Where could you ever wear that?" Um, 1) me, and 2) to the flippin' grocery store if need be! I wouldn't give a damn who was watchin' me pick out my heirloom tomatoes if I was frocked out in one of these! (And I am not prone to cross-dressing just to be clear.) But fashion like this isn't at all about practicality, it's about fantasy and the pure pursuit of fantastical beauty. It is a manifestation of inspiration.

So when Harper's Bazaar (my favorite fashion magazine gifted to me by Miss Sarah) pulled out this spread in the October issue I was catapulted to a fainting couch over these photos. Inspired by Georgianna, Duchess of Devonshire (the subject of Keira Knightley's anticipated film role in "The Duchess"), descendant and model Stella Tennant worked with the photographic eye of Karl Lagerfeld to produce one exceptionally amazing shoot.

For more fantastic photos pick up the October 2008 issue on newsstands now!


  1. Amen, I'd wear some of those creations to the grocery store....if only I could afford them!

    Thanks for mentioning fashion as a manifestation of inspiration. I get all sorts of looks from a certain relative for some of the things I wear, and I feel the same way about fashion as you do!

  2. How funny- I have the same pet peeve about the overuse- and misuse!- of the word "couture"!


  3. That first photo is incredible! How completely unrealistically lovely. We need more of that.


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