October 13, 2008


Okay, yeah...maybe this is a bit weird. I mean, I'm posting about a bathroom for cryin' out loud! But perusing through Thom Filicia's website and coming across these pics (you could stand to put up a few more photos of your phenomenal work, Mister Filicia) I jaw-dropped upon seeing this tub and the "glam-masculine" room that surrounds it! I'm a tad speculative about a giant mirror to highlight my comings and goings out of the tub, but honestly, I think this is a room that even I could feel good about gettin' naked in!

Though, for the moment, it's gonna take somethin' pretty special to override my joy over Thom's lakeside fisherman's cottage from Domino August 2008 (see the video here).


  1. Holy f'ing s#i-, Beef! That copper tub is a dream. The Domino feature on his house was so neat. I loved how he kept all the lights on at night, and how that looked from the water. So pretty. He decorated my old boss's office recently and...WOW.

  2. i love the tub, i may never get out of it, if i have one :) great post, you're officially my fave uncle!

  3. OMG! I love it all! Great post Beefy.


  4. Ehh...I don't think it's weird at all to put up pics of a bathroom that nice.

    And I love the mirror -- I usually hate huge mirrors but I think I like this one because it is framed. And why not highlight the person in the tub? Surely the most beautiful thing in the bathroom would be the person bathing in it?

    Thanks for posting this up -- it makes great eye candy.


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