October 06, 2008

Fall Feasting

Whiskey Bundt Cake. Photo by Geoff Lung.

How do, Kids? How was your weekend? I've been busy putting together some last minute wedding invitations so doing a fair amount of printing over the weekend (and this morning!) but also did some "antiquing" with Sarah as well. Found a GREAT little piece that I'll share with you tomorrow as well as introduce to you my first official sponsor! Thrilling!

For the moment I'm hittin' up the culinary side of my musings this morning. It is a total NW Fall day out right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeyyyy and rainy. They're predicting high winds later which is always reassuring when you live in an area where a gnat hitting an electric wire might have power down for days! It's crazy. So that takes me right into thinking comfort food (and emergency candles). And clearly I am in a sweet state of mind this morning. How great does that Whiskey Bundt Cake look? Perfect for Halloween. Okay...for the adults anyway. (It's vodka and Ambien for the little ones! Oh c'mon! I'm joking!) And Pumpkin Parfaits seem like a nice switch up from the usual piece o' pie don'tcha think? And seriously...Fried Apple Pies? Are there three more glorious words to put together on a cold, drizzly day? (Okay..."paid day off" might be a bit better in the three word category.)

Pumpkin Parfaits. Photo by Romulo Yanes.


  1. fried pies!!!!!

    my Texas gra'ma made hers with the many many peaches she grew...in winter she used the preserves she'd put up...

    oh, nostalgia


    I love Autumn!!

    I spending next weekend at my Mom's farm making jam and applesauce...hopefully I'l get some good pics!


  3. Was listening to Jim Gaffigan comedy CD....he has a whole section about cake. He's talking about the rum cake as if it was an obvious marriage of ingredients because what goes great with cake...booze!

    Can't help thinking of my big fat greek wedding everytime I see a bundt.

    Love the look of this one for halloween. perfection.

  4. waaa! it's fall in the Bay too! After a week of summer. Thank God for food. If you can't have all four seasons, go to town with the seasoning, that's what I say.

  5. ok..i'm not gonna lie, normally i'm not a huge fan of pumpkin, but those parfaits are totally calling out to me.

  6. BEEFY! Are you challenging me to a bake-off? Because I make a mean... a mean... shiii, you know I don't really make much other than a call for takeout! But I'm a great eater. Shall we have a bundt cake eating contest?

  7. i so, so, so want some of that whiskey cake! oh my.


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