October 13, 2008

Dressed to...

All dressed up and ready to go...The Nines is one of the newest properties in Starwood's multitude of hotels. Located in Portland, Oregon, The Nines occupies the top, you guessed it, nine floors of the former Meier & Frank's department store building (now a Macy's). But it's taking hotel luxury a step further as the 331-room hotel is soon to be LEED Silver-certified (they recycled 90% of the hotel's building debris), making The Nines a serious step in the eco-luxury movement.

Having grown up near Portland, Meier & Frank's was a preeminent shopping destination and THE spot to go to during the holidays. After it's takeover by Macy's it wasn't the same. But perhaps the occupation of The Nines will bring back a fashion-forward sophistication that will honor the building's history. And that is certainly something I could celebrate.

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  1. loving the look of this! and i'm all for eco-luxury :]


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