October 17, 2008

Dark Knightley

Alright, so this is not a post on timeliness to be sure. But I came across the photos of Keira Knightley from the Wanderlust shoot in the September 2008 issue of Vogue. These were some amazing shots by Mario Testino and (despite her perpetual and rather disconcerting mouth pout) she looked phenomenal...

...with the exception of the cover shot! Really? No...REALLY?!! She looks as though she attacked her own hair in a fit of rage and more likely with a dull spoon than a sharp pair of scissors. I mean, is this a scene shot from Girl Interrupted II? I'm not certain whether it's the angle or the graphic design but I do believe someone on the Vogue editorial staff owes Ms. Knightley an apology.

And I have been wanting to see Keira in her latest offering which just arrived to the island. Anyone seen it? Your thoughts?


  1. I must admit, Keira isn't one of my favorites...but those two top images are fabulous!

    And what on earth happened with the cover shot?!

  2. a costume drama at the Lynwood with Rafe...BEST thing on that rock

  3. So true. LOVE the green dress pic.

  4. Keira's one I'm warming to, especially as she looks so ropey on that cover, blimey did it not get checked was before it went to press?!
    She looks amazing in the rest of the pics though.

    The movie is very good, a quiet and melancholy undertone and so beautiful to look at. She's good in it, Ralph Fiennes is brilliant.

  5. I TOTALLY agree with Keira's hair on the cover! It freaked me out too!! She looked so gorgeous inside the mag...bizarre. :)

  6. I'm glad someone else hated that cover shot as much as I did...

  7. Completely hysterical! I love that green and black dress she's wearing. It's really not me but I am suddenly coveting it.


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