October 08, 2008

Billy Reid

Love the Autumnal stylings of Billy Reid! The clothes and setting have a certain Beefy-esque eccentric quality to them don't you think? Though truthfully, Mr. Reid, I'm a wee bit concerned at the height of those trouser inseams. (I'm just sayin'.) But these styles are really romancing the season against those pumpkin walls and antique chic. Sweet Southern-style perfection.

All photos from the Billy Reid website with photography by Robert Rausch.

Plus, he just seems like a pretty nice guy to boot.


  1. Wonderful style! I loved every one of these images!

  2. The plaid coat - I must have the plaid coat. You know me, I really must have it!

  3. oooh he does seem nice. we have a billy reid store in dallas and the styling is so fab.

  4. This shop is a constant must-visit for us. The clothes fit my husband to a T (and no, he doesn't have a camel toe from his pants), so we are forever in there wandering through the lace doilies, sipping on scotch, and picking up a pant or two. It's such a great line and the fabrics are insanely beautiful!

    Plus, his store makes you either 1) proud to be a Southerner or 2) feel like an honorary Southerner even if for that hour.


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