October 16, 2008

Beefy Met David Met Nicole

David Met Nicole is a visual dream destination in Sydney that I travel to from time to time...in my head (or via the web, in this case). I love rifling through their website, relishing their aesthetic, and reeling at the thought of the shipping costs to obtain one of their lovely finds. Just look at the assortment of current offerings and tell me you don't understand your Uncle's draw! I love to think about the day that I might declare how Beefy met David Met Nicole but for now I can only convey my appreciations from afar. Custom-made leather wing back - $4,200.00. One pound of fair-trade coffee - $8.50. Sitting at your Mac and getting inspired from half a world away - priceless.


  1. Dear Beefy: We can make you your own wing chair for less...so get drawing! :)

  2. Well, James...if you can just go by the photo from their collection and come in at around $2.37...you gotta deal! ;)

  3. wow, this store was made especially for you, my darling dandy!

  4. why have i never seen this shop before?!

    thank you! xoxo.


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