October 28, 2008

At Full Mast

Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn. Handmade, hand-wrapped, aged. Have I tried it? No. Do I want to? Well, given the guys' great vintage stylings, the silent-movie-style clips on their website, and the phenomenal packaging I guess I'd like to give it a go. Y'know...after I've gotten past the difficulty of eating CHOCOLATE. So yeah...I'd love to try it! (Online sales coming soon!)

Above photo via Reuben Miller.
Other photos courtesy of Mast Brothers Chocolate website.


  1. my goodness, thank you for the information uncle beefy!!! precious packaging :)

  2. Beautiful! I heart their packaging.

  3. shill...doesn't their whole approach just make you "believe" in the product? FAB!

    melissa...really? I wouldn't think you'd be interested in great marketing much less chocolate! ;)

    laura...I was totally suckered in by the packaging for sure. Something so gift-like and lovely.

    Thanks for all the comment love!


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