September 26, 2008

True Original

Lots of tasty eye delights at online retailer All Things Original. Kind of like a British Etsy...small, independent, artistic, with a delightful accent! You'll be on this site for a looooong time being a little looky-loo. Wanna buy? Well, they have a currency converter so even us Americans will know what we're getting ourselves into. But really, with sweet little handmade egg cosies (above) to entertain our mornings is it all that necessary to worry about the economy? Isn't that what retail is for anyway? ;) Enjoy! Pip, pip, cheerio!


  1. I will definitely check it out, but I can tell you that I love that chair....have a thing for maps!

  2. I love those little scarves, and that camera print...aahhh!!


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