September 02, 2008

Stickley it to 'em!

Lisa Stickley serves as one part inspiration and one part "what-the-hell-is-my-problem". The London designer graduated in 2002 and has since launched a highly sought after collection of handmade goods. She has a lovely Clapham shop where she sells her wares and she appears, by all accounts, to just keep getting bigger. She's Britain's answer to Lotta Jansdotter in her fresh, casual, and consummately personal sense of style. And it's her sweet and sentimental sense of imperfection that make her pieces so fetching.


  1. Yes I love her. She's one of my favs.

  2. I've had it. I'm moving to England.

  3. Ohhh! I love . . . LOVE the polka dots!

  4. What cheery colors!! I would love some of this for my home. It's been a downer with the weather around here and this would definately brighten things up!


  5. Very nice. Wish I lived in London...

  6. Oh I love this stuff, Beef!! Are these your birthday presents to me? SO nice of you!!

  7. Oh MY! I love it all! Thanks for the intro- I'm a newbie!


  8. chelsea...I see why the Brits love her. So fresh!

    mary...can I come?

    porter hovey...polka dots are just too happy, aren't they? Love 'em too.

    Carol...isn't that the truth! While I can love subtle and subdued palettes with greys and such...we get so much of that already! Give me some colors!, me, and Mary! The lot of us!!! Hey...that could cut down on the rent...hmmmm?

    bee...well of course they are! But they're all in the townhouse I bought for you in London so you'll have to get the keys if you want the rest of your gifts! ;)

    melissa...really? I feel honored to share something hip and fresh with you as it is so much more often the other way around! :)

    As always, thanks for droppin' by, Kids!


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