September 16, 2008

Skinny LaMinx

Introducing a great new design from Heather of Skinny LaMinx! It's based on a cutout that Heather did (she does some amazing ones!) of mid-century West German ceramic pots and jugs. Available now in her Etsy shop!


  1. I just bought one of her tea towels and a little tote and they're gorgeous!

  2. heather...No. Not too kind at all. Deserving for certain, m'dear! For this fantastic work and your patience! (Soon to be rewarded!)

    Joslyn...doesn't Heather have some great style? Thanks for stoppin' by! :)

    jane...Hoorah! If I can ever figure out a color direction for my kitchen I'd love to stock up on her tea towels! I'm think the red...?

    Paul...I'm sure Heather would bestow her thanks! :) Nice to have you stop by again! Always a pleasure :)

    Thanks, All! :)


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