September 23, 2008

Paxton Gate

Given that the air has dispensed with Summer and the mornings are dew-dripping and chilled, I can't help but start to think of the darker nights ahead and the oncoming Halloween holiday. I love Halloween! Though more for the atmosphere and decor I suppose since I'm not typically taken to costuming myself up. One place that is a surefire mood-setter is Paxton Gate in the Mission in San Francisco. This place is one part retail emporium, one part natural science museum, a dash of gentry refinement, and a pinch of the macabre heebie-jeebies. For is perfection!

There is much to see and purchase from their website but, when in the City By The Bay, make this a for-sure destination! Such an apothecary-style splendor! (And drink it all in...'cause they don't allow photographs in the store. All the better to dream with, m'dear.)


  1. Hope they are starting a Norwegian branch soon!! ;-) I adoore this!

  2. It is Halloween perfection. I was having a hard time getting inspired for Halloween this year...everything seemed same old same old....well, you have taken care of that. Halloween inspiration...check!

  3. I'm going BIG with Halloween this year! I can't wait!

  4. I'll be headed down SF way in a couple weeks - it's still summer there, yo

    I think I'll pass on this establishment - lost me at "don't allow photographs"
    really? I fnd that so presumptuous and hoity toity. There are hundreds of fabulous, Friendly shops in the SF Bay - i don;t need one with extra attitude thank you very much...mine is enuff - ha!

  5. Ack! love this stuff, will put it on my list for next visit.
    Hope you and fam are doing well!

  6. i love this shoppe! i just came back from san fran and always take a cruise to paxton gate.

  7. i kinda love groovy, "creepy" things for the house...these things remind me of the stuff at grange hall in dallas

  8. oooh! i'm hooked. inspired beyond...


  9. I am such a Paxton Gate fan too! ;) Which reminds me I haven't stopped by in ages...



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