September 15, 2008

"Hi! Larious!"

Now, c'mon. No matter what side of the fence you're on...
this was priceless!


  1. I just watched this! This was so great. Tina Fey even has those same cute little cheeks that Palin has.

  2. I loved it.Tina Fay is amazing as Palin.
    Even the way she speaks.
    And she had the whole naughty librarian meets stripper hair down.
    Tina rocks.
    I wish I could vote!!!!!!!

  3. Completely. Loved it! Especially the part about the ozone layer just being god's way of giving us a real big hug.

  4. it was perfection...Sweet Paul your comment made me laugh as my husband and i call Palin the "Cinemax Sexy Secretary"

  5. hilarious! but you already said that. and you couldnt be more right.


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