September 03, 2008

It's Boring Blogger Wednesday!

What? You didn't know that?! Silly, Kids! Of course you didn't know...and maybe I could'a warned ya's? Well, you never know. Aaaaaanyway, I've been doing some emergency house-sitting for some friends and now I gotta hustle ('cause hustle makes it happen!) and clean myself up and get in line for the ferry! I'll be out o' commission until tomorrow afternoon and this is all I could come up with on the fly.

I love this room from the October 2008 issue of Country Living! The table, the lamp, the scientific anatomy chart, the cloches and beakers! A very "let's get down to some exploratory business" look...but in that intellectual/creative way as opposed to that Frankenstein sort of way. Know what I mean? Quite gentlemanly...don't you think?


  1. Hey Beefy, bet you'll never guess which tee I voted for!

    Anyway, I think this room has universal appeal because I could cut and paste a pic of me slumped over that desk littered with swatches and a hellfire smash in hand.

  2. Dr. Frankenstein was a gentleman! Just a crazy one who took things a tad too far...It could be worse, it could have that whole Dr. Jekyll thing going on. Not hot.

  3. Just love the anatomy poster!! It's just perfect.

  4. Wow, very inspirational. Love the poster, especially.

  5. cheryl...I'm guessing you'd have gone for "I like 'em Beefy."...??? Am I right? Uh...yeah. About that whole hellfire smash...crazy talk! And yet, delicious crazy talk, no?

    jane...excellent point you make! Here, here! Dr. not hot! ;)

    tula...well as long as they don't contain bodily fluids and parts I'm all with you! You're with me too...aren't you? ;)

    porter hovey...nuts about those scientific posters! Such a statement! Wanted to get one but my partner shut me down on that front. :(

    laura...thanks! Glad ya' liked it!

    Thanks, Kids!

  6. Hey, come over to my blog for a giveaway!!!

  7. yeah, bodily fluids do, in fact, ruin the beauty of the beaker ;)

  8. Excuse me, why have you received your October issue of Country Living already and I haven't? ;)


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