September 15, 2008

Hot potato!

Three Potato Four is celebrating its one year anniversary today! Congratulations! You know you can always count on fresh modern and vintage finds. But now you can get the scoop on those quickly snatched up old-time originals with Janet's & Stu's Sneak-A-Peak Sundays! Every Sunday night they'll post on their blog to show what goodies you can expect in the shop on the upcoming Monday AND Thursday. Got it? Good! Now go get it! Or at least try to.

Congratulations, Janet & Stu,
on a stylish and successful first year!


  1. I love browsing their site - I wish I was faster off the blocks on some of the items but there's always plenty left to tempt me!

    I can tell they love every item they sell. Congrats to them on a fab job!

  2. oh gosh - these guys could make me go broke

  3. I know...they have a great eye! (Or should I say "great eyes"...that sounds weird, right?? ;)


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