September 22, 2008

Home Sweet Itty Bitty Home

I have SUCH an obsession with tiny lil' houses! I haven't a clue as to why but I find little time to question it. And it seems there are quite a number of tiny house aficionados that are designing and making manifest my habitat yearnings. Miss Chelsea posted about this sweet abode by architect Robert Knight the other day and I have gone back to the website about 4,376 times to sigh. I mean c'mon, it's like the house version of a puppy! What's not to love?!!

Yeah, I'd wanna shake up the finishings and furnishings but check out the loft and the lighting!

Kendall isn't particularly fond of the Phase 1 floor plan. What?!
608 sq. ft. of living space not enough for you?!! Huh?!!!

This is Kendall's concession. Okay then...this'd do.

Oh my god....I'm in love!


  1. this is perfect! That Kendall! I always love small spaces. Of course< i am leaning towards something a tad more modern (LV HOMES) but I would have this ina heart beat.

  2. So cute!!! But the thing I love most about this is the location! I'd love living far out in the countryside like that! Beautiful!!

  3. SO cute! I also am a sucker for little houses... I saw a few in upstate NY yesterday. Shoulda taken pics...

  4. I loved this, too. I think tiny homes really force you to buy just what you truly LOVE and simplify, simplify, simplify. It's quite sophisticated, I think.

  5. you don't require much...just a little old house...architecturally perfect...sunlight on all four sides...heaps of land...a porch and a loft.

    i likes your minimalist approach, mister. xoxo.

  6. James...LOVE the LV Homes too! I'm just small home NUTS! I'd probably love to have one of each. One for home and one for studio. But how to decide which one!?!?

    chelsea...I believe the word is "LOVE"! But your selection was one I hadn't heard of and just tugged at my habitat heartstrings! :)

    monica...Isn't that setting spectacular?!! The architect is located in maybe the lil' house is too? Dreamy!

    Laura...What is it about the little houses? Yes! SO cute! Maybe some pics next time? Lovely little pic, by the way! :)

    Mary...Holla! I think that could definitely be a solid reason...simplification! At least it's less to clean! ;) Seems like a sweet choice for your "neck of the woods"...hmmm?

    Karey...Honestly, the porch is perhaps my biggest desire. Drove by a man who was reading a book in the sunlight on his front porch the other day and it looked like such a peaceful scene. With a tiny house and some land I might just even get around to some gardening? Though if you saw my house you'd probably say..."I'd get around to some therapy, Mister!" ;)

    Thanks for the comments, Kids! :)

  7. I said it over at Chelsea's and I'll say it here again (in case the universe is listening): I WANT ONE!


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