September 10, 2008

He sells sweet signs down by the seashore.

I never liked the Summer. As a kid, it meant yard work and lots of it. My birthday was typically a bust as friends were usually off on vacation. And that heat...ugh! The tables have turned however in the past few years. The yard? It's more eco-friendly to let the lawn die back in the summer anyway. The birthday? A simple dinner is fine by me. The heat? Sometimes the way it makes my skin tingle gives me the feeling of being that much more alive. So, yeah...I'm pretty good with Summertime now.

And that's what makes me pine on these days when things are turning distinctly Fall-like. Don't get me wrong, I like the Fall...a lot. But I am not ready to say good-bye just yet. At least these pieces from British artist Andy Povey hold onto a little of that Summer sweetness. All his sunny bright colors and devil-may-care compositions evoke casual seaside days and saltwater taffy smiles. See? Can you tell I'm gonna miss it?

All images from Andy's website.


  1. Oh my gosh. I need to paint my house white and scatter these about...

  2. When I saw there was a comment I was like, "I bet it's Mary!" Seems like a perfect choice for you! (Just skip past the giant butterflies on the side of the house or those "signs" that people put in their garden that look like a woman bending over...okay?)

  3. I love these signs! Thank you for sharing about them.

  4. I completely heart these...I want to live in the country, just so I can have a stack of my own. Darling!


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