September 12, 2008

Friday Flotsam

Kids. My mind is all over the place today. And, frankly, the day is getting away from me. (Er, uh, has gotten away from me.) So this post is nothing more than pure random thoughts. The white-water version of stream of consciousness if you will. At your own risk. (But with wishes of a "happy weekend" to all of you!)

Miss Mary photo from Ewa Marie Rundquist.

Fergus managed to mysteriously evade consuming his medicine this morning and is right back to where he was the other day. Head dropped, tail down, pain apparent. Yes...heartbreaking. And he's pissed at me for the struggle that ensued to get the medicine down. Mary Poppins? If you're reading this. That "spoonful of sugar" theory of your's? It's crap!

Blue ribbon country style by Thomas Klementsson.

When I was a kid, I won a several blue ribbons at the Clark County Fair for my 4-H demonstrations on the parts of a flowering plant. Is this at all interesting? Not at all. But it explains why I had few friends as a kid and that we are, in fact, capable of moving beyond our past.

Image from here.

I still like cows and goats though. What? You got a problem with that?

Matt of Matt Bites is going to be on the Martha Stewart show next Wednesday, September 17th. Congratulations, Matt! It's a show about bloggers. Of course she asked me! But I can't just drop a modeling shoot to do her show now can I? ;)

The following is from...October's Gourmet Magazine.
Photos by Romulo Yanes.

I've been feeling a creeping meat-guilt lately that I haven't felt in years. Is vegetarianism about to make a return into my life? Not if Gourmet has anything to do with it. Chicken Fried Ribs Dammit!

Fortunately, there are some tempting alternatives like Souffleed Macaroni & Cheese. Bet this would be good with bacon. Crap!

No...indeed...this Upside-down Apple Tart requires no meat. And frankly, I'd rather substitute meat with ice cream than tofu anyway.

Just to be clear and upfront, I think Tofurkey is one of the most disgusting food inventions of all time. I'm just sayin'.

Listen and tell me that this isn't the perfect photo by Andreas Kock?

This song totally cracks my fo'shizzle up! I bet this is one of the cats' favorite living room lip sync performances of all time. It sure was one of mine!

Then I listened to the second song...this woman had absolutely no self-respect.

But really liking this suggestion from Rachel.
Rachel has seriously bumped up the credibility of my pop-laden playlist.

I love me some Paula Deen. Though she's a little over-exposed truthfully. Um...I saw this on someone's blog (and if it's you...come forth and claim your title! - A-ha! It was from Muriel Mercurial! Thanks for steppin' up, Muriel!). This is trial-worthy evidence that Ms. Deen has lost her ever-lovin' mind! So Muriel and I give you The Lady's Brunch Burger.

Yeah, those are doughnuts in place of the bun. But, don't forget to butter it!


  1. Oh it was me! You visited my blog, I'm honored! I want news of this burger to reach far and wide, as evidence to how truly crazy that woman is. I can almost understand the doughnuts, but the egg is beyond my reasoning capabilities.

  2. Hey Muriel! Yes I did...and to come across that crazy mess was just somethin' I had to share! Lord almighty? I just don't get it at all?!! Thanks for letting me know it was you as I was trying to search high and low! I will sleep much better tonight...whew!

  3. there is a lot swirling around in uncle beefy's head! good luck on the job interview (i love how you got your foot in the door!). and please give my love to fergus. i hope there was some improvement in his health over the weekend. xoxo


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