September 09, 2008

David Downton

Since it is New York Fashion Week I thought sharing some of the amazing artistry of David Downton would be most appropriate. His work, to be horrifically inarticulate but succinct, is amazing!


  1. These are amazing! I have seen his work before in fragments, but have to confess I didn't know who the artist was (embarrassed to admit that).


  2. Yes, James...that's Twiggy! And I miss her not being on Top Model anymore :(

    Carol...don't be embarrassed! I'd seen his work for quite awhile before I actually found out who he was. But so happy I know now! your's! :)

  3. Um, YEAH!

    Wow, that's pretty inarticulate yet succinct of me, too, huh?

    I love people that can sketch/watercolor like this. It amazes me.


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