September 16, 2008

Corking in the Kitchen

I think this is a nice solution to a small kitchen. (Check out the before picture below!) I love the crisp blues and whites with the warmth of the cork flooring.

I've seen cork flooring popping up more and more in some commercial spaces. Anyone know what it's like to live with and maintain? Granted, I'd hate to part with my wretched beige carpeting and underwhelming linoleum but thought this might make for a nice day. ;) It seems like a great eco choice but you don't always know what you're in for with day to day living. Y'know? Any thoughts?

Okay, I'd probably want to shake things up with the table and chair situation.
(A little too catalog looking por moi.) But it's still cute, eh?

All images from Country Living.


  1. Cork is fantastic choice. Hard waring, long lasting, and yes, an eco option!
    Hows the new gig?

  2. Gorgeous. I agree with you about the chairs and table.

    I know nothing about cork other than I'm very good at pulling it out of wine bottles. ;)

  3. Cork is great. I had it in a kitchen once before.

    Yes, to all the things James S says about it, but the good thing for a kitchen is that it's got a bit of 'give' underfoot so great for marathon baking sessions...

  4. My mom put cork in her kitchen last year. It's all the things every mentions here and more.

  5. I love the cork. But can't help wondering what happens with spills / staining etc.

    I also love industrial rubber flooring recently featured on Remodilista:

    I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

  6. I recall cork floors were everywhere in the 70's. They are not as hygienic or tough as you'd think, even when well sealed.
    Step away from the cork ! :)

  7. That is quite the makeover, wow! I like this's different.

    I'm sure your underwhelming linoleum is just splendid though, Beef. Makes for a great backdrop to all those fabulous shepherd's pies and pork casseroles you like to whip up. Me? I'm more of a carpet on the kitchen floor, fuzzy toilet seat kinda gal. Klassy!

  8. james...well it looks like Ms. Jan would disagree with you...? I'm not trying to start any infighting so I'll just say thanks for your input. I just LOVE the cork floors!

    mary...yeah, I'd just like something not quite so precious. I like it a little funky, y'know? You CRACK me up! Holla!

    paola...oh, it's been much too long! So you're giving it the thumbs up too? And, while I am commenting here on another comment on another post, I appreciate your inflated confidence in me to rock the runway with Mr. Kors "Crack is whack Spring 2009" ensemble! :)

    jae...okay then. So you're kinda on board with the cork too. Your Mom still happy with the choice? Maintenance? Thanks, Jae!

    Jane...see that's what I wonder about...the upkeep? That rubber flooring looks very modern cool. Would go great in a loft! I don't know if I could pull it off in my lil' abode? But I couldn't pull it off with my bank account yet...and that comes first!

    jan...thanks for giving me some food for thought on the cork floors. Were they around in the 70's? Makes sense. I just don't remember. Non-hygienic? Eew.

    bee...the linoleum in parts of this house are some 27¢/sq ft crap you could find in a Home Depot dumpster! So don't fool yourself on that front, Bee! "Carpet on the kitchen floor, fuzzy toilet seat kinda gal"? Yeah but you've brought that whole look together with the crocheted barbie doll toilet paper cover. And I hear you make a mean Swanson's frozen dinner! Don't sell yourself short, Bee! ;)

  9. Beefy, my confidence is in no way inflated. There are not many men with the er, charisma to carry that outfit off, but you are one of them... :)

    In fact I suggest you turn up wearing it on your first day at your new job...

  10. Love, love, love the cork! You could always try marmoleum (sp?) for an eco friendly, checkerboard effect.

  11. My bro. and wife...have this very cork floor in kids bedrooms. 10 years in and it still looks as good :)
    My brother likes to try innovative things. He drove to Pella, Iowa once to tour the window plant to see if he wanted their windows. Good grief.

  12. so much inspiration! thanks :) happy happy weekend from gothenburg.

  13. paola...Well, m'dear, I can only say thank you for your unabashed confidence in me. You are much too sweet!!! But don't expect me to be sporting that look anytime soon! ;) But you never know? As long as there is alcohol in the world anything is possible!

    erin...OOOh! Marmoleum is great choice too! Lots of lovely eco color!!! I'd have to do some planning with that one as the floors/rooms in this place run together rather oddly. Went to a house once that put down red and yellow in the kitchen and it was SO flippin' cheery! Loved it! Thanks for the reminder and suggestion! :)

    shabbyinthecity...Talk about a seal of approval! Does your bro work for Good Housekeeping?!! ;) That is some serious researching commitment! Wow!

    sandra...hope your weekend was a happy one and thank for making "the trip" all the way over here from Gothenburg! ;)

    Sorry I'm a little late in catching up with all your lovely comments! Always appreciated though! :)


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