September 19, 2008

Corking In The Kitchen ~ Part Deux

So, remember the other day when I was admiring that kitchen remodel with the cork flooring? And while I liked the overall outcome I said that I'd wanna shake things up with the table and chairs because they looked too catalog? See, now this might be one way I'd shake things up in that space! This hardwood top table with an industrial base from Istallations Antiques, with some chichi seating choices and capiz shell chandelier from Modern Dose? Now tell me you wouldn't want to have a Pimm's Cup or a spot of tea with your Uncle round this setup?

Oh...and these would definitely have to be the chilling choice for the Pimm's Cup! From modern poverty.

And some fantastically rustic touches would be nice. Like all of these handmade hooks, shelf brackets, and spoons from Live Wire Farm! (Found through Miss Victoria.) And maybe some of their fresh honey for teatime?


  1. Oh, still my heart! I'll have Pimm's Cup with you ANYWHERE. I like mine with a slice of cucumber AND a little strawberry, TYVM. ;)

  2. Hey Uncle B..I'd highly recommend ye olde cork flooring. B and I put it in out laundry room and hall in the basement and love it. We can't get over how warm it is on our bare footsies. Lumber Liquidators has some killer prices on the stuff!

  3. Love your styling ideas! That would really oumph up that kitchen!! Adooore the table :-)

  4. carrie...well you know you're always invited! TYVM? What's that?

    miss j...Hi Miss Thang! Thanks for the cork recommendation! Sweet! We're never going to see each other ever again are we? :(

    monica...Thanks for the compliment! Oumph up it certainly would! Isn't the table amazing looking? Installations Antiques has some enviable selections!


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