September 22, 2008

Clay Achin'

LOVE these achingly sweet, simple and refined pottery pieces from Dovetail Shop & Studio. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Dovetail is the collaborative effort of Margaret & Josh Smith who make everything by hand. You can purchase directly from the hands of Margaret & Josh via the website or their Etsy shop, or possibly from a fine retailer near you.


  1. You had me at Clay Achin...hysterical title!

  2. Looooove! That bike, those chairs...perfect!

  3. jae...thanks for indulging me in a moment of horrifically juvenile humor!

    James...Kind makes your stomach hurt a little doesn't it? It was just too much cheesy goodness to pass up.

    mary...I'm lovin' the bike and the octopus! But they're all super great!

    Thanks for putting up with me, Kids! I may have to create a new label category "worst post titles ever"...? ;)


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